CETINIA is building alliances and liaisons with other national and international R&D&I entities in its field.


International Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Valladolid, Spain

Applied Research Centre on ICT, National Technological University, Resistencia, Argentina

Artificial Intelligence Research Centre, City, University of London, UK

Andalusian Research Institute in Data Science and Computational Intelligence, Granada, Spain

Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, CSIC, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

IMDEA Software Institute, Madrid, Spain

Institute for Applied Data Science Hannover, Hanover, Germany

Peruvian University of Applied Sciences, Lima, Peru

Valencian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Valencia, Spain

Development and Innovation:

Coordination of R&D&I:

CETINIA is member of the following networks and hubs

Confederation of Laboratories for Artificial Intelligence Research in Europe.

IoT Digital Innovation Hub